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Visit the Land Trusts in our Region
Trails & Hiking Guide

*Friendly Reminder for You and Your Furry Friends*
Please remember to wear orange during hunting season as a safety precaution and refer to individual land trusts' websites and the CT DEEP website for hunting season information.
More information available from CT DEEP
In 2023 the Region hosted a trail challenge as a fundraiser and to encourage our residents to explore some of the many beautiful land trust preserves and hiking trails. We would like to honor those that participated here on the Wall of Champions.
  • Be safe and have fun in the woods!

  • Please help us with land stewardship and Carry In / Carry Out.

  • Be sure to tell someone where you are hiking, especially if you are alone.

  • Bring water and dress for the weather.

  • Use protective measures against ticks. Ticks overwinter under leaf matter and are active above 45°.

  • Wear bright clothing until January 31. Be aware of preserve closures for hunting.

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